Paramita Designs specializes in garments fit for a goddess—sustainable comfort, socially conscious and spiritually captivating.

Manifested in North Carolina

Manufactured in Bali


The Paramita Designs Story

Paramita Designs began with a search for spirituality, the empowerment of women, and a passion for affordable, sustainable clothing. Originating in Bali, Indonesia, Paramita exists to bring every spiritual sister unique, quality and radiance-infused clothing. Explore our collection, from flattering and flowing gaucho pants to effortlessly elegant goddess dresses. Find the fit that connects you to your inner goddess.

Based in Asheville, NC, Christina is the creative force behind Paramita Designs. She blends her love for art, travel, and cultural exploration into every piece. Enamored with Eastern philosophy, she designs high-quality, yoga-inspired clothing and partners with female seamstresses in Bali to create garments infused with celestial charm. Driven by a deep desire to create and a commitment to female social issues, Christina’s journey began in 2001 as an exporter of sustainable arts, and jewellery and has evolved into a collaboration with a Balinese Women’s Fair-trade cooperative that sew her designs. Each piece empowers the wearer and maker.

The Philosophy of “Paramita” Derived from Sanskrit, "Paramita" translates to "perfect" or "transcendent action." It symbolizes the pursuit of perfection through mindful and blissful living. For us at Paramita Designs, it embodies our journey toward the perfect blend of sustainable fashion, timeless elegance, and empowering confidence for goddesses everywhere.

Why Goddesses Love Paramita Designs

Ethical Empowerment: Our partnership with a Balinese Women’s fair-trade cooperative means you can feel good about shopping with Paramita Designs. You are supporting fellow goddesses by ensuring fair wages and ethical working conditions to create a prosperous life in Bali.

It’s in the details: Unique beauty lies in the details.

Check out our collections for intricate embroidery, delicate draping, and one-of-a-kind designs. Explore our goddess clothing, dresses, yoga-inspired gaucho pants, jumpsuits and tops. Discover the essence of goddess-worthy craftsmanship– explore our divine and diverse collection.

We value:

Timeless designs – Fast fashion fails women and the planet. We embrace figure-flattering timeless designs that transcend trends. Enjoy each design for years to come.

Sustainable fabrics – We are committed to planet-friendly practices. We use bamboo-derived fabrics for their durability, comfort, and sustainability.

Fair-trade – Empathy is the foundation of everything we do. Fair-trade practices ensure mutual respect from the hands that craft our designs to the hearts that wear them.

Affordable – Style, quality and sustainability should be accessible to all. That’s why we prioritize affordability without compromising on quality.

Bamboo bliss, flattering fits…

Our garments are made using Bamboo Rayon.

Bamboo Rayon – what’s that?

Bamboo rayon is a sustainable fabric made from bamboo plants. Bamboo regrows quickly without replanting. This rapid growth makes bamboo rayon a sustainable choice. It is also known for its softness, antibacterial properties, and thermo-regulating stability.

Comfort and Confidence

Our pieces are thoughtfully crafted to embrace and enhance your unique silhouette. Gorgeous gaucho pants, drapey goddess dresses and flowy yoga jumpsuits – every detail is designed to ensure you feel comfortable, confident, and effortlessly ethereal.