About Us

Inspired by her love of travel and background studies in yoga & mysticism, Paramita Designs was created by Christina Mitchell in Bali in 2011. Her career exporting from Bali began in 2001. Over the years that evolved into manufacturing a handmade, fair trade, sustainable clothing line. The intention behind all of these endeavors has been to support local people in the villages. Balinese people are so lovely and smile from the heart. Having the opportunity to participate in a multitude of ceremonies while living in Bali for five years added to the depth of study in topics such as yoga and meditation. Foundational cornerstones to achieving a life that is ultimately more stable and satisfying.Recognizing the energetic value of words I chose the name Paramita with this sentiment in mind:

Paramita is a Sanskrit word meaning perfect. It is a liberation that comes it meditation when one achieves a blissful know that everything is as it should be. It is often translated as crossing the ocean of suffering into bliss. In other words, transcendent action.