The beauty behind Paramita Designs

Paramita: Paramita is a Sanskrit word that means perfect. It is a perfection that comes from meditation when one achieves a blissful/seeing knowing that everything is ultimately as it should be and one is liberated from suffering. It is often translated as crossing the ocean of suffering into the land of paradise.

Paramita Designs is a collection of yoga-inspired clothing infused with flare from exotic lands and faraway places-high quality with great attention to detail. Created by Christina Mitchell. I personally am enamored with Buddhist philosophy and Hindu wisdom. Hence the name Paramita Designs. I love to travel and experience all the beauty the universe has to offer. I endeavor to add to this by not only creating beautiful things for people to wear but also seeing that these items are fun, functional, and flattering to wear. This excites the spirit/soul of the wearer and increases their ability to exude confidence.

My interest in Bali was spurred by cultural anthropology and world religion classes taken while obtaining my BA degree at Sacramento State. I also studied Fashion Merchandising, Jewelry Making & Metalsmithing. When I was not working three jobs to put myself thru college, my roommate and I taught ourselves lamp-working (a form of glass blowing) in our garage! I love all forms of art and express myself through colors and texture in the fabrics, fine metals, and leather that make up Paramita Designs.

I currently reside in Mount Shasta, California and also live part-time in Bali, Indonesia-where Paramita Designs was born. I began traveling to Bali in 2001 as an exporter of high-quality sustainable arts and jewelry from master craftspeople. I then discovered I could create my own designs and have help manufacturing them. My first designs were pants and vests for men as I observed there was a distinct lack of interesting options in men’s clothing.

Simultaneously, I also began to recognize that most commercially sold women’s clothing was made of subpar fabrics and didn’t always flatter their figures. I started designing well-made clothing of high quality fabrics that creatively highlights many attributes of a woman’s figure. I am always looking for innovative ways to flatter the female figure. This can include highlighting one area while gracefully hiding more sensitive areas. The embellishment is in the fit!

I come up with the designs and members of a Balinese Women’s fair trade cooperative sew the clothing. Paramita Designs features functional and comfortable yoga-inspired pants, signature tank tops, jackets and hoodies that can be worn to yoga workouts, to the beach, at home or on the town!

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